The Trans America Footrace is the longest race in the world.

This race is the crossing of the USA, from Los Angeles to New York in 1928, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2002, 2004, 2011 and from New York to Los Angeles in 1929.

It is an individual ultramarathon in stages, its distance total is about 3112 miles (5009km) on 70 stages, which represents an average daily 44.5 miles (72 km) with no rest days.

There is a general standings accumulated by accumulation of the times of every stage.

The Trans America 1929 "the 1929 Bunion Derby", was (for the moment) the footrace online the longest of world.

The youngest finisher of the history of the Trans America and of a Trans Continental Footrace is Tobias Joseph Cotton “16 years” during the 1928 Bunion Derby.


History of the creation of this race

For the first edition, Charles C. Pyle was hired by the Route 66 association to promote the foot race. The association wanted to promote the newly formed highway "Route 66" and came up with the idea of the race "the 1928 Bunion Derby".

« If you could run the length of the highway surly at a run, you could drive it in a car easily. »

And it is held the first edition of the Trans America from Los Angeles to New York in 1928.

The next year the same organization has organized to a 2nd edition "the 1929 Bunion Derby", but this time in the inverse sense, from New York to Los Angeles.

This race has disappeared for a long time before returning in 1992 "Trans America Footrace 1992" on the occasion of 66 years of Route 66. After there was 1993, 1994, 1995, for a total of 4 edition organized by Jesse Dale Riley and Michael Kenney.

After, there was the "Run Across America 2002", and "Run Across America 2004 organized by Alan Firth.

In 2011 a French Laure Magnan, organized "Los Angeles - New York Footrace 2011".

Then a Trans America version of Trail in 2012 "Run Across America on Trail 2012" Organised by Mike Samuelson.

Trans America Footrace palmarès


All Trans America Footrace :

10 races (With + of 3 participants)

408 Starters - 132 Finishers - 114 Names

34,3 % of success / 65,7 % of relinquishment

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